Hey hey. I'm Shelby Meyer, a Graphic Designer and recent graduate of the University of Michigan. I earned a BFA in Art & Design, and a minor in American Culture. I like pop culture, printmaking, collage, and pretending it's 1981. Heavily inspired by B Horror Movies, Bret Easton Ellis Novels, Z-boys, 60s Concert Posters, The Strokes, Fake Documentaries, Warren Fu, Talking Heads, Steve Madden, The Troubadour in LA, and The Risky Business Soundtrack among other things.

Originally from St Louis, Missouri, my work experience is largely from working in the Los Angeles music industry. I learned everything I know from Vh1, and like my coffee black. I used to have really long hair and once flew to Texas by myself for less than 24 hours to see a concert. I'd love to put my skills to use for you.