Hey hey. I'm Shelby Meyer, a Graphic Designer. I like pop culture, printmaking, collage, and pretending it's 1981. Heavily inspired by B Horror Movies, Bret Easton Ellis Novels, Z-boys, 60s Concert Posters, The Strokes, Fake Documentaries, Warren Fu, Talking Heads, Steve Madden, The Troubadour in LA, and The Risky Business Soundtrack among other things.

Originally from St Louis, Missouri, I earned a BFA in Art & Design, and a minor in American Culture. My work experience is largely from working in the Los Angeles music industry. I learned everything I know from Vh1, and like my coffee black. I used to have really long hair and once flew to Texas by myself for less than 24 hours to see a concert. I'd love to put my skills to use for you.